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The electronic database named "Emin Sabitoglu" was presented to users online in the National Library


This year marks the 85th anniversary of Emin Sabitoglu, a prominent Azerbaijani composer, People's Artist, State Prize laureate, author of beautiful songs, master of inimitable melodies.

Emin Sabit oglu Mahmudov, who left a worthy mark in the history of Azerbaijani music in the last century, is one of the worthy representatives of the national composition school. People's artist, laureate of the State award, composer with the Order of “Shohrat”, his music played in movies and plays is memorized by languages, it occupies a wide place in the repertoire of individual singers. His music for films is a product of high culture, rich outlook and creative intellect. As a result of this, artistic works embody the spirit of the time and reveal the essence of the events. Emin Sabitoğlu's music is as beautiful as emotional screen poetry. The composer's film music encourages the viewer to get in touch with the events in the films more spiritually, to communicate with the characters from the inside, and keeps the viewer in its emotional impact even after the end of the film.

The outstanding composer wrote his name in golden letters in Azerbaijani music. Every one of his songs, even the smallest melody, was memorized in languages and spread both in Azerbaijan and abroad. He is the author of more than 500 songs. "Valleys", "Baku, Good Morning", "Far Green Island", "Butterfly", "Alagozlum", "Flower Rain", "Thanksgiving", "Autumn Has Come", "White Flower", "Siravi Ahmed", " I will come to you" and several songs with memorized languages make his creativity eternal.

On the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the famous Azerbaijani composer, the staff of the National Library of Azerbaijan prepared an electronic database called "Emin Sabitoglu". Electronic database consists of sections such as "Artist who conquers hearts","Official documents", "The main dates of the life and creativity of Emin Sabitoglu", " Thoughts of prominent personalities and art friends about Emin Sabitoglu", "Works", "About", "Memorial plaque","Filmography", "Photo gallery" and "Video gallery".

Those who want to get acquainted with the electronic database can access the link