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Azerbaijan National Library presents virtual exhibition “Karabakh costumes” to users online


Azerbaijani traditional costumesare the result of complicated and long-term processes of development of material and spiritual culture of the Azerbaijani people.It is closely connected to its history and national identity. Traditional clothes, which are closely connected with the history of a people, are one of the valuable sources for studying its culture.

The ethnic history of the Azerbaijani people, the artistic features of folk art, their formation in different styles, artistic patterns and weaving are reflected in traditional costumes.

The staff of the Azerbaijan National Library named after M.F.Akhundov prepared a virtual exhibition named “Karabakh costumes”.

The virtual exhibition reflects the traditional clothing culture of the population of the Karabakh historical and ethnographic region of Azerbaijan, its classification, visual images and its brief history. Decorative elements (jewelry samples), which are an integral part of folk costumes and complement the costumes, are also presented here.

Please click on the link below, for more information about the virtual exhibition: