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The virtual exhibition "Gazanfar Pashayev" has been presented to users online in the National Library.


This year marks the 85th anniversary of prominent literary critic, folklorist, linguist, writer, publicist, textologist and translator, doctor of philological sciences Professor Gazanfar Pashayev.

The main principles characterizing the multi-year and multifaceted activity of professor Gazanfar Pashayev, doctor of philology, who has a prominent place in the development of the scientific-literary and public opinion of Azerbaijan are the unity of universal thinking and professionalism with a high citizenship position.

Many of the famous scientific works he wrote are not only important in science, but also an expression of great civic duty. Gazanfar Pashayev's works dedicated to Azerbaijani ashiq art, Iraqi-Turkman literature, Kirkuk dialect are perfect examples of how to fulfill the great moral duty in science at a high level, with heart, selfless intention seriously and responsibly.

Gazanfar Pashayev's valuable works on the literature, folklore, history, and dialect of the great geography, which extends from the vicinity of Kirkuk to Aleppo, Tabriz, Erzu-Bibliography 15 rum, Darband... in addition to Azerbaijan, are an example of the universality, breadth and integrity of his scientific and literary thought. Gazanfar Pashayev's works, which are a perfect expression of citizenship and universal thought in a large sense, are real indicators of a deep, grounded, professional scientific attitude to the chosen topic.

Gazanfar Pashayev, who has universal thinking and multi-faceted creative activity, is leading in his half-century activity of the researches related to the Iraqi-Turkmen environment and the world of Kirkuk. He is rightly valued as a "Kirkuk-loving literary critic" and "Kirkuk's spiritual ambassador".

Everything from the etymology of the word Kirkuk to the origin, history, ancestry, language and dialect characteristics, nationality, relations, folklore, ethnography and written literature, geography of the Turkmens living in Kirkuk regions,accurate, scientifically based and rich knowledge about all of them is reflected in Gazanfar Pashayev's works.

These valuable works can form the scientific-informational base of a great encyclopedia of kirkukology. Gazanfar Pashayev himself collected many of those rich literary-historical data, folklore samples, ethnographic data, brought it into scientific circulation for the first time, and also evaluated it theoretically.

Professor Gazanfar Pashayev's scientific works are an uninterrupted and continuous expression of a great life, a lived destiny, serious and consistent searches.

On the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the birth of Gazanfar Pashayev, the staff of the National Library prepared a virtual exhibition called "Gazanfar Pashayev". Books, photos, books and articles written about Gazanfar Pashayev are displayed in the virtual exhibition.

Those who want to get acquainted with the virtual exhibition can access