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Expert commission

According  to the decision (Protocol № 2/1, 03 August 2006) of the Board of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Azerbaijan Republic, Commission of Experts functions on the definition of artistic and scientific values of the printing productions, books, manuscripts, holding special artistic expert and giving protection certificate attached to the Azerbaijan National Library named after M.F. Akhundov.

Regulation and composition of the Commission of Experts was approved on the giving certificate for the holding expert of the printing productions, books and manuscripts, the definition and taking away from the Republic of historical, artistic and scientific values.

According to the regulation publications and printing productions mentioned below are not allowed to take away from the Republic: ancient manuscripts, publication and printing productions bound and planked from precious (gold, silver, platinum) and rare metals (ivory, skin), books, booklets, maps, other publications and printing productions printed by 1920, publications and printing productions printed in Azerbaijan till 1960, not being existed in the archive fund and the title, third and seventeenth pages abolished on purpose.

In order to get permission for taking away from the Republic of printing productions, books and manuscripts physical and juridical person applies in a written form to the Committee. The list of the publications and materials to be considered for taking away from the Republic must be noted in triplicate. The author, title, place, year, quantity of pages, picture, draught outline should be noted in this list.

The results of the Expert are necessary for the material taking away from the Republic. But if the material is not allowed to take away from the Republic, a citizen should be informed about it in a written form. Ministry of Culture and Tourism gives a numbered account blanc-certificate to the allowed printing productions, books and manuscripts. One copy of the lists and certificates of the printing productions and publications should be left in the Commission and two copies should be given to the applicant (one of them for custom bodies, the second one for the applicant).

Physical and juridical person should pay the definite sum either by transferring to an account or cash based to the price schedule agreed with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.