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MF Rules for using the Azerbaijan National
Akhundov Library

Terms of Use of the Azerbaijan National Library named after M.F.Akhundov
 1.General Provisions
1.1. Azerbaijan National Library (hereinafter referred to as “ANL”) is a national treasury and state book depository that carries out the state policy in the field of library work in the Republic, collects and preserves national publications, printed materials in the Azerbaijani language and works of Azerbaijani authors published in other countries, as well  as world-important publications. 
1.2. ANL carries out its activities in accordance with the Legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Charter of the Azerbaijan National Library in agreement with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
1.3. ANL, which is a part of the cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani people, its funds and property are used in accordance with the Legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and other normative legal acts and are protected under a special protection regime.
1.4. The priorities of ANL are aimed at serving scientists, educated specialists and youth. 
1.5. These rules are developed in accordance with the Charter of the ANL and regulate the relations, responsibilities, rights and obligations between the ANL and the readers.
The use of reading rooms of specialized departments, remote reader service, as well as the delivery of documents in electronic form is regulated by the relevant documents and instructions of these departments. 
2. Registration rules:
2.1. ANL,realizing the constitutional rights of citizens in the library service, directs readers to search for documents on ANL’sbook collectionand otherlibraries’ book collection.
2.2. The main document that gives the right to use the ANL’s information-bibliography apparatus, book collection and reading halls is a reader card.
2.3. Reader card can be issued on the basis of the following documents: ID card or passport or military ID (for servicemen). Reader card is free of charge (in case of loss, damage and unusability of the reader card, its duplicate is issued on a paid basis).
2.4. Any Azerbaijani citizen who has reached the age of 16 and submitted his / her ID card, as well as citizens of foreign countries who submitted a document (Passport) confirming their citizenship can use the library.
2.5. To become a member of the scientific halls of the library, the reader must submit a copy of the document on the academic degree and honorary title.
2.6. “Single-use” ticket is issued only once for all types of readers (It is issued on the basis of documents confirming identity).
3. Rights and responsibilities of readers:
3.1. Rights of readers are as follows:
3.1.1. To use all kinds of documents stored in the library in the reading rooms of the library;
3.1.2. To order non-library documents through Interlibrary and International Interlibrary Loan;
3.1.3. To get full information about the composition of the library’s book collection through the library’s catalog system;
3.1.4. To use the assistance of the on-duty bibliographer in the selection of documents by topic, clarification of information about the documents and search for a source of information;
3.1.5. Automated search of databases;
3.1.6. To use book collections of ANL, including materials protected in the “Archive of the Azerbaijani Literature” and  “Rare Books and Library Museum” Departments, as well as their electronic version;
3.1.7. To use books displayed in thematic exhibitions and exhibitions of new literature;
3.1.8. To attend the public events of ANL, such as bibliographic seminars, discussions, book presentations, conferences, as well as meetings with writers;
3.1.9. To use the service of copying documents protected in the ANL’s book collection and obtained from other libraries (through Interlibrary Loan and International Interlibrary Loan);
3.1.10. To apply to the library management or its authorized representatives with complaints, remarks and suggestions on all issues related to the service;
3.1.11. To use paid services in accordance with the list approved by the Director of ANL;
3.1.12. To bring original publications, pages, printed works, audiocassettes, dissertation works, contour maps, slides, pictures and methodical aids for training courses to the reading rooms with the consent of the administration or its authorized representatives.
3.2. Responsibilities of readers 
3.2.1. To comply with the current rules and regulations, as well as the working regime of the ANL;
3.2.2. To take care of printed works and other documents of ANL and received from other libraries, as well as the property and equipment of ANL; 
3.2.3. To receive a control paper at the control point, to fill in it correctly and clearly (with a pen) and to officially hand it over when leaving the library;
3.2.4. To present the readercard to the library employee when entering and leaving the ANL, as well as when ordering and receiving literature;
3.2.5. To comply with the legal requirements of the police officer on duty; to present folders, women's bags, notebooks and papers to a police officer for inspection purposes and a control paper to the supervisor when passing through the control point;
3.2.6. To notify the registration section immediately in case of loss of the readercard, and the controller in case of loss of the control paper;
3.2.7. A person who lost his / her readercard must apply to the registration section. A duplicate of the readercard is issued with payment in the prescribed manner. If the readercard is lost again, the person must pay double.
3.2.8. To inform the librarian immediately about the defects found in the literature taken for use, otherwise the reader is responsible for their damage;
3.2.9. To be responsible for the book he / her left unattended;
3.2.10. To observe the cleanliness and public rules in the halls of ANL and to influence other readers to follow the rules; to treat readers, ANL employees, police and firefighters politely;
3.2.11. To comply with the requirements of the ANL’spolice and firefighters in case of emergency (fire, accident, threat of terrorist acts);
3.2.12. In case of violation of these rules, to inform the management of ANL in writing;
3.2.13. To hand over sports bags, travel bags, diplomats, backpacks (except for laptop and notebook bags and covered musical instruments), non-transparent polyethylene bags and outerwear (including jackets, coats and hats) to the wardrobe;
4. Readers are prohibited from:
4.1. removing printed works and other documents belonging to ANL from the library: documents belonging to ANL and attempted to be illegally removed from the library are confiscated together with the reader card by the controller and the police on duty when the person leaves the library;
4.2. to damage publications and documents (cutting, tearing pages, marking, underlining words, folding pages, removing);
4.3. putting marks on catalog cards, taking them from the catalogues and card catalogues of ANL and putting them in other place;
4.4. giving his / her reader card or control paper to other persons and to give them the right to use their name;
4.5. using someone else’s reader card;
4.6. bringing cutting tools, firearms and cold weapons, explosives and incendiary substances to ANL (otherwise confiscated by the security guard or door supervisor);
4.7. bringing a scanner, copier or a printer to the library and use them;
4.8. It is strictly forbidden to make photocopies of documents in the library's “Rare Books and Library Museum” and “Archive of the Azerbaijani literature” departments,as well as newspapers bound, manuscripts of musical notes in “Note publications and Sound recordings” Department.Photocopying of these documents is allowed only in the section "Organization of the use of electronic resources". It is forbidden to remove literature from the departments“Rare books and Library Museum” and “Archive of the Azerbaijani literature”;
4.9. taking books and other documents from reading rooms to the dining room or toilet;
4.10. to reserve a seat in reading rooms; a seat left vacant  for more than 1 hour in reading room is given to another person by the library staff;
4.11. eating in reading rooms;
4.12. entering the service rooms without the permission of the employees of ANL and using telephones, catalogues and catalogue cards there;
4.13. hanging posters and other commercial advertisements in the library, engaging in small retail and other commercial activities within the library;
4.14. entering the library with a child;
4.15. disturbing the peace and breaking the silence in the library, quarreling, obstructing work, using mobile phones in reading rooms, catalogs and other service rooms, chewing gum, bringing carbonated water to the library and reading rooms, insulting employees and smoking. Persons who do not follow the rules of sanitation and personal hygiene, as well as those who are intoxicated and under the influence of drugs are not allowed to enter the library;
4.16. scanning a document without permission using any technical means, or takinga picture of the document by phone or camera;
4.17. inserting a memory card (flash card) into thelibrary’s computers;
4.18. bringing cameras, video-photo devices to the library and shooting in rooms and halls of ANL by any technical devices;
5. Responsibility of readers in case of violation of the rules of using the library: 
5.1. Readers who quarrel in the library, injure other users or library staff, damage publications and documents in the library's collection, tear them, make them useless and attempt to remove them from the library are excluded from the library’s reader list.
5.2. Users violating these rules and damaging the library shall bear administrative, material and criminal liability in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the "Terms of use of ANL".
5.3. In case of violation of the following rules, the administration temporarily deprives the reader of the right to use the library::
- to temporarily deprive a reader of the right to read for a period of 1 month for using someone else’s reader ticket, giving his/her reader ticket to other persons, using mobile and paging devices in reading rooms, losing his/her checklist, leaving the library late, obstructing the library's timely closing; to temporarily deprive the reader of the right to read for a period of 6 months in case of repeated violations of the same rules;
- up to 1 year in case of violation of the rules, such as taking photos and videos without the permission of the administration, using any technical devices, damaging the cards in the catalogs and card files of the ANL;
5.4. Readers who damage the library equipment (computers, office equipment, furniture, electrical equipment, etc.) have to pay the full amount required for their repair, and may be temporarily deprived of the right to read for a period of up to 6 months;
5.5. Readers who do not follow the rules may be warned, asked to leave the library, or banned from using the library during the investigation.
5.6. In case of violations not reflected in the rules, the management of the ANL has the right to approach the issue individually in specific cases.
5.7. The responsibility for violation of the terms of use of ANL is determined by the management of ANL on the basis of the submission of the relevant authorized staff.
6. ANL’s rights:
Azerbaijan National Library has the following rights:
6.1. To independently determine the concrete forms and content of its activities in accordance with the goals and objectives defined by the Charter of ANL.
6.2. To make changes and additions to the registration rules and the terms of use of ANL; to determine the terms of use of library’s book collection and other information resources.
6.3. To determine the amount of damage caused to the library by the readers of ANC, the amount of compensation when issuing a duplicate of the user’s card in accordance with the Legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
6.4. To determine the period of deprivation of the right to use the library for readers who violate these rules and the rules of individual departments.
6.5. To prepare and approve the price list for paid services of ANL
7. ANL’s responsibilities:
Azerbaijan National Library must fulfill the following tasks:
7.1. To ensure the rights of readers as provided by these rules.
7.2. To organize library’s book collection, to carry out its accounting, protection, security and efficient use.
7.3. To improve Library-Information service; to find out the needs of readers in order to better meet their requests.
7.4. To promptly inform readers about the rules of service of the ANL and its departments, changes in the working regime, and all types of services of ANL; create the necessary comfort and conditions in reading rooms, safe conditions in case of emergency.
7.5. Maintain the confidentiality of information about readers
8. Responsibility of officials in the service of readers:
8.1. Library officials are responsible for their responsibilities and the organization of services to readers.
8.2. All library staff should treat the readers in a politeway and pay attention to their requests.
8.3. Employees' ill-treatment of readers is absolutely unacceptable and punished accordingly.

Note: ANL is not responsible for valuables left unattended and lost in reading rooms and other service areas.