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Reading halls

International Cooperation Hall

International Cooperation Hall was opened on September 27, 2019. The opening ceremony was attended..

Reading hall for students

There are 250 seats at the reading hall. The items are substantially acquired from the Preservation..

Reading hall for exact and technical sciences

There is also secondary book collection at the reading hall for Exact and Technical Sciences..

Reading hall for humanitarian sciences

The reading hall is up to 36 users. 4237 issues of items are in the use of the readers that 2072 of..

Reading hall of local network use

The reading hall enables the simultaneous use of e-resources on the local network of library by..

Periodical press hall

The reading hall houses up to 67 users.  Four-year journals and five-year newspapers are..

Electronic information service

The hall has been fully equipped with computer equipment. Readers have access to the Internet.

Foreign language hall

More than 2500 copies of items, newspapers and journals in different languages are stored at the..

Open Reading Room

There are 30 seats in the Open reading-hall. The room can be used by all groups of users.

Exhibition hall

Public events, book presentations, user days, meetings with authors, and exhibitions are held at..