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Virtual Order


This section offers you to order a book at a distance. Every reader who is a member of the library can order a book, journal and a newspaper without coming to the library, leaving home or working place by means of INTERNET.The orders are received from 10:00 to 16:00 every day except Sunday.

You can get a book belonging to the year after 1993 while adding the password of the book to the electron catalogue of the library. Your order is executed during 2 hours. The password of the books which is unknown must be given a day before. You can also learn how to use the electron catalogue from here.We would like to note that except the workers, every reader cannot order a book more than five copies. The orders are kept during 3 days. The reader, who orders books three times and doesn’t come to the library, is not allowed to order a book any more. The order of the newspapers is valid for the same day. According to the general rule of the library a book is forbidden to take away from the library.

Choose a book or periodical press material and fill in a following blank and send to us: