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Azerbaijan National Librray presents a virtual exhibition named “Mirza Ibrahimov – 110” to users


October 28 marks the 110th anniversary of the birth of Mirza Ibrahimov, the People’s writer, playwright and public figure.

The books of the People's writer Mirza Ibrahimov, who had translated the works of world classics into our native language, were read beyond the borders of the former Soviet Union. Feature and documentary films have been shot based on his works.

Along with stories, narratives and novels, Mirza Ibrahimov also wrote stage plays. He enriched Azerbaijani dramaturgy with plays such as "Life", "Madrid", "Love", "Peasant Girl", "Good Man", "Burning Hearth".

In the works of the writer, there is a deep love for his homeland, our classical literary heritage, folklore, Azerbaijani culture as a whole, and a close connection to our roots and national traditions.

On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the prominent writer, the staff of Azerbaijan National Library has developed a virtual exhibition named “Mirza Ibrahimov – 110”. The virtual exhibition features photos and awards of Mirza Ibrahimov, books written by him, as well as books and articles written about him.

For more information about the virtual exhibition, please click on the link below: