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Azerbaijan National Library presents exhibition “Abdulla Shaig – 140” in virtual mode to users


Today marks the 140th anniversary of the outstanding writer Abdulla Shaig, who enriched the XX century Azerbaijani children's literature. Along with being a playwright, prose writer, poet and literary critic, Abdulla Shaig was also one of the researchers of the history of Azerbaijani literature. Literary and artistic works of Abdulla Shaig, who is considered to be the founder of children’s literature in our country, is not limited to children’s works. He is also known as the author of large-scale works such as “Heroes of Our Century”, “Aras”, “Caucasus Flower”, “Undelivered Letter” and etc. Abdulla Shaig’s works have always been read by his readers and there has always been a great demand for his works. These works have become an important tool for educators, teachers and parents who guide children's reading.

The staff of the Azerbaijan National Library named after M.F.Akhundov has prepared a virtual exhibition named “Abdulla Shaig – 140”. The virtual exhibition contains materials, and photos on life and work of Abdulla Shaig, as well as books and articles by or about him.

For more information about the virtual exhibition, please click on the link below: