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A book exhibition named "Asaf Zeynallı - 115" was opened in the National Library


The outstanding Azerbaijani composer Asaf Zeynalli, who occupies a special place in our musical history, was born on April 5, 1909 in Derbent.

Asaf Zeynalli, who is considered the founder of many genres and the creator of great works in Azerbaijani music, lived for only 23 years, but he won an eternal place among the luminaries of our culture.

The romances "Olkem", "Seyran", "Sual", "Sarhadchi", "Chadra", the piano plays "Chahargah", "Durna", the play "Mugamsayagi" for violin and piano are the artistic marks of the unforgettable composer.

With his works, the composer had a great impact on the development of the national piano school and enriched the teaching repertoire. One of the most interesting pieces in his piano creation is the "Children's Suite" consisting of 6 pieces - " Kuklaların marşı  - March of the Dolls", " Uşaq və buz  - Child and Ice", " Oyun  - Game", " Rəqs  - Dance", " Qoyunlar  - Sheep", " Mübahisə  - Dispute". With these plays, he laid the foundation of children's piano miniatures in Azerbaijan.

A large book exhibition called "Asaf Zeynalli - 115" was prepared in connection with the birthday of the famous composer in the National Library.

Sheet music of the composer's works preserved in the National Library's collection, books dedicated to his life and work in Azerbaijani and Russian languages ​​are displayed at the exhibition.

The exhibition will last 1 week.


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