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A book exhibition called "Professor Nizami Khudiyev" was opened in the National Library


Nizami Manaf oghlu Khudiyev, doctor of philological sciences, professor, honored scientist, was born on April 1, 1949 in Shahbuz district of Azerbaijan.

Nizami Khudiyev, a prominent public figure and science organizer, has an important role in the development of the scientific and pedagogical thought of independent Azerbaijan.

Scientific creativity of Nizami Khudiyev, who carried out effective research throughout his life, is rich and multifaceted. According to the topic and direction, his researches are related to the history of Azerbaijani literary language, speech culture, language of artistic works, stylistics, problems of Turkological linguistics. In many countries of the world, he gave speeches with deep content reports on the current problems of linguistics at language congresses, conferences, symposiums and congresses.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the birth of Professor Nizami Khudiyev, a large book exhibition called "Professor Nizami Khudiyev" was opened in the National Library.

In the exhibition, the works of the author, the books about which he is an editor, reviewer, foreword, and his work, scientific articles published in the press are displayed.

The exhibition will last 1 week.


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