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Electronic database named "Public figure, educator Omar Faig Nemanzadeh" has been presented to users online in the National Library


This year marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Omer Faig Nemanzadeh, a great representative of Azerbaijan's national press, prominent publicist, well-known educator and public figure.

Omar Faig Nemanzadeh is one of the enlightened intellectuals who wrote brilliant pages in the history of the Azerbaijani press at the beginning of the 20th century and played an exceptional role in its development to a qualitatively new stage by guiding its development in extremely complex conditions. The creation of the "Geyrat" printing house, which became an important event in the literary and cultural life, and the famous "Molla Nasreddin" magazine, which had a strong influence on the strengthening of democratic tendencies in the literature of Middle Eastern countries, are inseparable components of the intense and effective activity of the writer. A wide erudite, selfless writer who considers love for his mother tongue as the most important condition of love for his country, has fought with determination for the sake of the cultural revival, independent and happy future of his native people without sparing his knowledge and skills. The constant coverage of all fateful issues of national importance against the background of the advanced ideas of the time from the front of the Azerbaijani ideology formed the main leitmotif of Omar Faig Nemanzade's journalistic legacy, rich in national ideas and having a deep political and social content.

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Action Plan of the Ministry of Culture on the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Omar Faig Nemanzade, the staff of the National Library of Azerbaijan prepared an electronic database called "Public figure, educator Omar Faig Nemanzade". Electronic database "Official document", "Key dates of life and activities", "Omer Faig Nemanzadeh and "Molla Nasreddin". Our missing historical figures", "Works", "About", "Pseudonyms", "Molla Nasreddin columns", "Perpetuating his memory", "Photo gallery" and "Video gallery" sections.

Those who want to get acquainted with the electronic database can use the link