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XVI International Conference is held in Bukhara, Republic of Uzbekistan


On May 24-26, the II Forum of the Union "Books and reading as a strategic resource in the development of society" is  held in the city of Bukhara, Republic of Uzbekistan. The XVI International Conference on "CENTRAL ASIA: Internet and library-information resources in science, education, culture and business" has started within the framework of the forum. At the Plenary Session of the conference, Asadjan Khojayev, Director of the Information and Mass Communication Agency under the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Botir Zaripov, a member of the Senate of the Supreme Assembly of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Director of the National Library of Azerbaijan, Professor Karim Tahirov, Director General of the Russian State Library, Vadim Duda, Vice President of the UAE, President of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutes (IFLA) Barbara Leeson, Rector of the Moscow State Institute of Culture Yekaterina Kudrina, Director of the National Library of Tajikistan Fayzalizoda Jumakhon Khol, Director of the International Consortium of Electronic Information for Libraries (eIFL) Rima Kuprite, Director of the National Library of Uzbekistan Umida Teshabayeva and others. performed.

The director of the National Library of Azerbaijan, professor Karim Tahirov, delivered a report and presentation entitled “Инновации в деятельности Национальных библиотек как средства популяризации книги и чтения, сохранения памяти народов”, and the increase in interest in reading, the expansion of library-reader relations, and the holding of book discussions, in general, in recent years he said that the application of innovations in work processes and service areas is one of the main tasks facing the National Library of Azerbaijan and emphasized that important projects are being implemented in this direction, he spoke about the new projects implemented in the library and information provision of users.

Speaker gave information that¸in order to form the reading culture of young people, the "Open library" project, which provides conditions for free reading 24 hours a day, at the National Library, "Methodical service", "Ordering and electronic delivery of documents" and "Virtual ordering" to republican libraries and specialists in virtual mode on the library's website. ” and “Bibliographic inquiry” services, “Music library” containing recordings of Azerbaijani folk music, sheet music, examples of Azerbaijani folk music, mughams, folk songs, heroic hymns, folk dance music and ashiq music, as well as about our genius composers, and the "Audiobook" project.

The director also noted the preparation of full-text electronic databases created by employees, which are another rich document-resource complex that is regularly available to users virtually, and emphasized the preparation of electronic virtual exhibitions on our history, culture, the Karabakh issue and other important areas, the service provided is both pointed out that it is the need of the day to apply innovations that enable the improvement of quantitative and qualitative indicators and serve the process of further improvement of the work of libraries.

It will continue with speeches on the topics "Promotion of books and reading in children's libraries of the CIS countries" (Section III), "The role of modern technologies in the effective organization of archives" (Section IV), and on May 26 with a special program designed for the system of library-information centers of the National Library of Uzbekistan.


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