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Azerbaijan National Library presents a virtual exhibition named “Professor Karim Shukurov” to users


May 10 marks the 65th anniversary of the prominent Azerbaijani historian Professor Karim Shukurov. For the first time in Azerbaijani historiography, Professor Karim Shukurov studied the legal and political issues of population migration between Iran and the Russian Empire, the dynamics and location of migrants, and the historical demography of Azerbaijan.

In connection of the 65th anniversary of Professor Karim Shukurov, employees of the Azerbaijan National Library have prepared a virtual exhibition named “Professor Karim Shukurov”. The virtual exhibition includes the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Professor Karim Shukurov, his photos and articles, and books written, compiled or edited by him.

For more information about the virtual exhibition, please click on the link below:

The staff of the Azerbaijan National Library congratulates Professor Karim Shukurov on his jubilee, and wishes him good health and best of luck in his future endeavors.