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A virtual exhibition called "Shusha national clothing" was presented to users online in the National Library


Shusha is the historical cultural center of Azerbaijan, the main crown of Karabakh and an ancient city of military and strategic importance. Shusha is perhaps the only place in Azerbaijan that has produced so many historical personalities and artists for our people and country: Uzeyir Bey, Bulbul, Rashid Behbudov, Afrasiyab Badalbeyli, Soltan Hajibeyov, Vagif, Khan Shushinski, Yusif Vazir Chamenzaminli, Jabbar Garyagdioglu and home to hundreds of other great personalities.

This country of ours, this city, which has given the Azerbaijani people such geniuses, historical figures, artistic figures, can never belong to another nation, no matter how much they want. Shusha is rich in historical and cultural monuments, including the clothing culture, which keep alive the existence of our people. The national clothing of Azerbaijan are the result of the material and spiritual culture of the people, which has gone through a long and very complex development path. Clothing, which is closely related to the history of a people, is one of the valuable sources for studying its culture.

The ethnic history of the Azerbaijani people, the artistic features of folk art, their various forms, artistic ornaments, weaving are reflected in the national clothing. The national-moral and material values of each nation are its national wealth. Our national leader Heydar Aliyev repeatedly noted that "the main component of our national ideology is our national and moral values. We should be proud of our national and moral values. Our national and moral values have been formed in the life and living of our people for centuries, and have been formed in the activities of our people.

A virtual exhibition called "Shusha national clothing" was prepared by the employees of the National Library of Azerbaijan named after M.F. Akhundzade. The 19th century clothing culture of the population of Shusha, the cultural center of Azerbaijan, its classification, visual images and brief history were reflected in the virtual exhibition.

Those who want to get acquainted with the virtual exhibition can access the link