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The event "We have not forgotten the March 31 genocide", the presentation of the traditional book exhibition and the Electronic database was held in the National Library


On March 31, the National Library hosted the event "We have not forgotten the March 31 Genocide", the traditional book exhibition and the presentation of the Electronic database.

The event opened with a minute of silence for the souls of the victims of the genocide.

It was noted that in the last two hundred years, along with many glorious pages, pages full of tragedies and genocides and calamities were written in the history of Azerbaijan. One of these terrible events took place in March-April 1918. The March genocides of 1918 are one of the bloodiest tragedies not only in the history of Azerbaijan, but also in human history due to their cruelty and scale.

Tens of thousands of Azerbaijanis were mercilessly killed by Armenian armed groups as a result of the genocide.

With the Decree of the great leader Heydar Aliyev "On the Genocide of Azerbaijanis" dated March 26, 1998, a legal and political assessment was given to the March genocide. March 31 is celebrated as Genocide Day of Azerbaijanis.

During the event, the electronic database, prepared by the staff of the National Library, titled "March 31 Genocide Day of Azerbaijanis" was presented. Electronic database "Unforgettable tragedy", "Official documents", "Prominent persons about the March genocide", "Progress of events", "Political-legal evaluation", "Bloody history of mass repressions", "Books", "Articles", "Filmography" It consists of sections called "Genocide in memory".


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